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Building on Success

Alternative Space Ltd, one of the first, specialist garden room manufacturers established in the UK and producers of the acclaimed and much imitated Eco Den, have extensively researched the garden room market.  The result is their new product, Pro-shed, the professional’s shed.

Most garden room suppliers balk at the term ‘shed’, because potential ‘shed workers’ will ask the obvious question; ‘Why is your product so expensive?’ Whilst comparing a conventional garden shed to a ‘garden room’ is like comparing a racing car to a bicycle, Alternative Space recognise that there is an increasing demand for affordable alternatives to the more costly ‘garden room’.

By combining the latest green building technology with robust materials, streamlining the construction and installation process and value engineering the product, Alternative Space now offer their low cost hybrid, the alternative garden room, Pro-shed.

The new product is lightweight, super insulated and has the added advantage that it is built to last.

Insulated panels, low energy lighting and heating throughout, keep running costs to a minimum. It is cunningly designed, to ensure that heat stays inside, even when the doors are opened! This does not occur in many, more expensive, garden rooms. The addition of a living, sedum roof will further keep the shed warm in winter and cool in summer.

Simplified construction not only enables a faster installation, but also means that ‘made to measure’ kits are available to DIYers, for as little as £7,000 whilst fully installed ready to use units start at less than £10,000.

Alternative Space can now offer an affordable solution for growing families needing extra space, budding entrepreneurs needing a home office, people wanting to make the most of their garden, and anyone needing a snug place to work or play.

Contact them immediately for a limited period offer, free design and planning advice, and a 25% discount. They have dedicated installation teams based in London and the South West and are able to carry out installations anywhere in the country.

Contact:  Paul Marsden Design Director, Alternative Space Ltd

Tel: 01981 541 205


Alternative Space is a small business, a family business, a special business.

We do not work for shareholders. We do not have a sales force. We seldom advertise. Instead, we work together, as a team, for the benefit of our clients and in return, our clients recommend us.

We take pride in what we do, we care about what we do, we care about the environment, and it shows.

It shows in the materials we use and the suppliers we choose. It shows in the way we do business. It shows in our designs. It shows in our installations. It shows in the comments we receive from our clients.

We are unique. We are Alternative Space.